Taurus? The Future of Firearms? Really?

Shelley Rae says that the future of firearms is found in Taurus USA.

Wellllllll…. I have to say, I hope not… and I hope so. Wait. What?

Yeah. Holding all things equal, from what I have seen of Taurus in the past I certainly hope not. Given everything that I am seeing about how they are making changes for the future… I hope so.

In my recent meetings with the company I’ve been fairly forward about my, and a lot of other people’s, opinion of their products. I’ve spent time explaining to them the dynamic of standing behind the counter and trying to persuade someone to buy a Glock or a Smith instead of the Taurus they’ve set their heart on. And, believe it or not, the response was, “We know, that’s what we’re trying to fix.”

Wow. That right there speaks volumes. On the other hand… Dominos Pizza did the same marketing campaign and their pizza still sucks monkey balls. We will see, but I wish them nothing but the best.

  1. Shelley Rae doesn’t appear to be terribly gullible. Come to think of it, a company struggling to improve quality control might be just the think for Remington, Marlin, etc. What’s the latest on that Freedom Group sale, BTW?

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