Open Letter to New Jersey Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee

A reader from the Garden State recently sent this letter in to the local powers that be. I thought I would share it here with everyone… Enjoy!


I am writing this to you as I listen to the local TV news covering a shooting in Wilmington, DE at the courthouse and I can’t begin to express my frustration. I am tired of being a law-abiding citizen and doing everything the authorities request and demand of me only to be told how wrong I am when someone else does something bad. I can assure you that I was in my home, MY guns were in their safe, and will stay there until I have a legitimate use for them, be it defending my family or going to the gun range.

UPDATE: the news has now reported that one of the victims is the wife of the shooter. Hello!, domestic violence? That person, who incidentally took his own life after the fact, was obviously unstable and committed to his actions, even though I’m sure he was aware they were wrong.

That’s what people aren’t getting about this whole issue. A criminal, by definition, is a person who knowingly goes against the EXISTING laws of the land with no regard for authority or the penalties. A person in this mindset can not be controlled. Humans have this unique quality called “free will” and when determined, will carry out their intentions.

Most of us follow the rules and respect authority, but we can’t be forced to if we feel otherwise. This is where the attention needs to be, on fixing that mindset. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but, a gun is an inanimate object and can do nothing unless manipulated by a human being. Even if you could snap your fingers and make every gun disappear this instant, a person intent on causing harm to another will still do it.

Banning objects is a slippery slope. What happens after the guns are gone and you find that knives have replaced them? Now you’ll feel obliged to draft legislation banning pocket knives, then hunting knives, then kitchen knives. It will be hard to cook, but we’ll be better off, right? You’ll pat yourselves on the back for making the tough choice only to be shocked to hear that someone just used a baseball bat to kill someone. Uh oh! here we go again! Permits, licensing and ultimately banning of Louisville Sluggers! It will never end. We’ll all be back living in caves and people will still be killing each other with rocks.

Of course, that is pure fantasy. The only thing you could do is ban the guns. I would be forced to turn over my guns because I obey the law. What about that criminal? There are no records for you to follow back to him to take his guns. You don’t even know who he is or what type of guns he has. So, he will continue to be a criminal and I will have nothing, only a knife until the next round of violence bans them. The criminal, however, will still have his guns. Now I’ll have to rely on my baseball bat until, you guessed it, it gets taken. Where’s the criminal in all this?, still holding onto his guns.

If we are ever going to see a more peaceful, respectful and prosperous society, we MUST stop putting patches on it with useless legislation and face the real truths that SOCIETY IS THE PROBLEM. Nobody cares anymore, about anything. More attention is given to Lindsey Lohan than our own communities. Everyone is out for themselves and no one else. No one cares about anything until it’s dropped in their lap. No one wants to commit to anything and see it through for as long as it takes.

This comes back to the criminal mindset. What message do we send to a criminal if he’s convicted and sentenced to 10 years but gets out in 4? For me, even 30 days is a deterrent, but I’m not the problem. There is no conscience thought in this country of consequences. The legal system twists blame to whomever has the most money for a settlement. A person can jaywalk and still manage to sue the city when they get hit by a bus.

UPDATE: TV news is now scrambling for ANYTHING to report on about the shooting. They are obsessed with finding out what type of gun was used, what caliber, etc. Does it matter? They all have their fingers crossed it was an “assault-type weapon” or an “ar15″. It’s all just “buzzwords” to incite the public. If you REALLY want to know what an “assault weapon” is, look it up. It’s not an ar15. In the actual context of violence, anything used to assault someone becomes an assault weapon, even a rock. The news is commenting that the gunman had to know that opening fire in a courthouse would bring a quick response from police. Duh! there’s that “free will” concept again!

I sincerely hope my ramblings have at least gotten your attention. Please use your office to make real changes for our world, not quick band-aid patches that won’t affect their intended recipients. You and I know that me and the MAJORITY of people in this country are not the problem here. Find ways to address the real problems. If you truly see politics as your calling, do something for the long haul that people will be able to look back on and know was the right thing, the thing that changed our mindset and put real, genuine faith in our system again.

Thank you,
Ted from Bridgeton, NJ

  1. Well said, couldn’t agree more! But you missed one thing about the “free will” they have perscriptios to remove that – but that’s just another problem with this F!@#$% society on it’s own!

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