Daily Firearms News

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Why So Many Guns?

Gear Review: Leupold Mark AR MOD 1 1.5-4x20mm SPR

Training for the shooting sports – what to do?

Colorado Gun Control Legislation

Larry Vickers Pays You to Join the NRA

Gun Review: Ruger SR45

Help Magpul Stay in Colorado

MD: Governor Says NRA In His Way On Gun Control

IMFDB gets the treatment from LA Times

Product Review: Tapco 30 Round Mini-14 Magazine

My new McMillan A3 Stock has arrived!

Walther H&K MP5 SD .22 LR

The Grey Man Directive

Fight Like a Girl: Shooting 7.62 Heavy

Virginia Facility Introduces New One Day Tactical Shotgun Course

“Shooter’s Guide to Handguns” by Grant Cunningham


A Call For Help From Magpul Industries To All Colorado Residents

Compact Power: Springfield XDS 45ACP Range Review

Bluing Guns

NFL players try to lend credibility to gun control

Count on No One Being Impressed

Glock 30S Range and Extended Use Review-A Big Bore Compact Glock That Fits!

DEZ Tactical Arms AR-15 Review

Armed Response Bag Revisited