“This is one of the worst gun control bills filed in the entire country”

Nope. Not New York… New Mexico. *House Bill 402. Can you say civilian disarmament, boys and girls?…

Because of broad definitions, the interpretation of said law could ban all semi-auto rifles and shotguns. And yeah, it would also broadly ban the most commonly used semi-auto handguns like Glocks, 1911s, and Berettas. Additionally, ownership of the affected firearms and magazines could not be transferred AT ALL… even out of state! All magazines would also be limited to 7 rounds.

This is one of the worst gun control bills filed in the entire country. It must be stopped, and that can only happen if you make your opposition clear to state lawmakers before this measure gets any traction or momentum.

HB 402 has been referred to the House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee and the House Judiciary Committee. At this time, it has not yet been scheduled for a hearing, but that could happen very soon. Please contact members of the House committees below, your own state lawmakers and Governor Susana Martinez, and urge them to help defeat the worst gun bill ever in New Mexico.

*Full contact info for all New Mexico Representative available at the link. Link has had problems so just search “house 402 once you get to the NRA page.