Review: Versa Carry Holsters for Revolvers

I recently had a package show up here at the Gunmart Blog Test Kitchen with the newest incarnation of the Versa Carry Holster inside. This time their latest addition to their product line is aimed at the revolver segment of the concealed carry market. The Versa Carry Holsters for Revolvers also aims at alleviating some of their target market’s concerns about covering the trigger by incorporating a slightly different design.

Versacarry Holster for Revolvers

If you are not familiar with the Versa Carry, it caused a very big stir when it first arrived on scene. It truly ran the entire spectrum. Some people loved the minimalistic design and lightweight while others immediately dismissed it out of hand as an extremely dangerous way to carry a firearm. It was a mixed bag for sure with consumers, and the blog-o-sphere pounced on it like red meat and flamed the poor guys mercilessly. It quickly became the “World’s Most Controversial Holster in the World“.

I was actually a fan of the first generation of the Versa Carry. As I stated in my initial review of their Gen 1 product

I am of the opinion (and it is just my opinion… YMMV) that with IWB carry and a double action trigger its not really a legitimate problem. Yes, that slaughters a sacred cow, but I will tell you that I spent a good long while attempting to pull the trigger while the gun was holstered in my waistband and was never able to do so. While being carried the gun is safe…. even with one in the pipe.

Sacred cows indeed… I personally was a firm believer that if you could get past the mental hangup of the trigger guard not being covered then the Gen 1 would get the job done just fine. Like I said, I tried very hard to cause a dry-fire AD with the holster and could not make it happen. I certainly did not believe that it was the widow-maker that everyone was trying to make it out to be, but many consumers still were not convinced. The company recognized this fact and realized that they needed to try to address the problem and convince more people that their product was safe.

From this they brought forth the Gen 2 version of their product (which I also reviewed a while back) To be very candid, I found the Gen 2 version of their product line to be something that fell short in many ways… most notably the fact that the the elephant in the room (sacred cow) still had not been successfully addressed. At least not to the point that I felt that it would no longer be a deal breaker for potential customers. The trigger guard still was not covered… at least not completely, and the product still was not what I felt it needed to be.

So here we are now. Once again the company is listening to their target market and adjusting their product accordingly to be more inline with their customers’ expectations. Now with the development of their new revolver product line, they are giving customers a holster with a slightly modified design and a more appropriately covered trigger guard.

This new revolver design is very similar to the Gen 2 version of their holster. It utilizes the same method of dovetailing the trigger guard cover into the main body of the holster… however, this time it features a guard on both sides of the trigger guard. Its also fully reversible for righties and lefties.

Versacarry Holster for Revolvers

Versacarry Holster for Revolvers

As you can see in the photos, there is some play as far as how much of the trigger guard is covered depending on barrel length (and I guess gun model). This particular model requires a barrel length of 1.875 inches to fit properly, but IMO the trigger guard is covered good enough even with the 2.125 inch barrel snubbie pictured above. Heck, IMO I think that the Gen 1 design gets the job done just fine without any trigger guard… but that once again all goes back to what I said earlier about consumer needs/wants. I do however think that they should bring back the Gen 1 design at least as an additional option. I think it does a pretty good job.

The retaining rod is the new Gen 2 version, and its once again what I consider to be a step back from the Gen 1 version. To put it simply, its just too difficult to put the holster on the gun with the new version. Its so difficult, that I had to continually keep in mind to not muzzle myself while putting it on the gun. Its a struggle. Something that was never the case with the original version, and thats the big complaint I have about all of their Gen 2 holsters. For that reason alone… If given the choice, I would certainly opt for a Gen 1 holster over this new design.

Versacarry Holster for Revolvers

Here is a picture of the revovler with a Gen 1 design just to show you how that works:

Gen 1 Versacarry Holster for Revolvers

Other than that, its a joy to carry. Its super light weight and weighs in at only about an ounce. Its a great alternative if you are looking for something ultra minimalistic. I will point out that  you definitely want to wear an undershirt between the gun and your skin. I carried in the appendix position all throughout testing, and I was very happy with it as a choice for this method.

  1. Very disappointed, uncomfortable with sharp corners at bottom. I’m amazed they have not addressed this……

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