New Gun Control Bill Proves Anti-Gunners Dont Care About the Sandy Hook Children

Here is my article that appeared at Ammoland on Friday. Enjoy!


Senator Feinstein’s newly introduced gun control bill proves once and for all that the the anti-gun crowd does not care one bit about “gun violence“. They do not care about preventing future lunatics from hurting people, and they dont care in the least about the children who were slain in the horrific tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Oh, they will tell you that they do. They will tell you that everything that they are doing is “for the children“. They will tell you that if we could just get these “evil military style weapons” off of our streets then nothing like this would ever happen again. They will tell you all kinds of things in an effort to emotionally exploit this tragedy to achieve the political end that they want to achieve. Its page 1 of the anti-gun playbook… dont let a good crisis go to waste. However, what has been put forth in the form of legislation proves once and for all that it is indeed not about guns. Its about control.

Its very clique, I know. “Its not about guns; its about control“. Its an often overused line in the gun control debate, but the far left-wing gun-grabbers have finally shown their hand and proven it to be 100% true. Its never been about the guns. Its never been about preventing tragedies, and this entire episode that we currently see unfolding before us has nothing to do with the children that were slaughtered at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Senator Feinstein’s gun control legislation that has now been put forth in response to the murderous rampage that took place at Sandy Hook, the same legislation that we are being told will end these horrific events, will not do a thing to take a single semi-auto rifle or magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds “off the street“. Yes, you read that right. Not a single one! The miraculous solve for all of this… our all knowing government’s response to the slaughter of 20 children and 7 innocent adults is to not even do what they are telling us must be done. What they are screaming about as being the root cause and major underlying problem that we must address wont even be accomplished.

Why is that? We are being told that guns cause this. We are being told that we must ban “assault weapons” in order to prevent these tragedies from occurring again and again. We are being told by our ruling-class politicians that the solve for this is to get these “evil” rifles and “military -style, super sized magazines” off of the street. So why would they put forth legislation that does not solve this problem and actually get semi-automatic rifles and standard capacity magazines “off of the street“?

Its because our politicians know that it is not politically possible for them to pass a law that would require millions and millions of Americans to line up and be forced to turn in their guns. So they put in a “grandfathering clause” into this bill. A clause that would allow current gun owners to keep their semi-automatic rifles and standard capacity¬† magazines. Not one less firearm or magazine will be taken out of circulation. The bill only bans the manufacture or sale of these items in the future. Nothing changes, as they define the problem that is causing murderous rampages like we saw at Sandy Hook.

Senator Feinstein herself said when she introduced her bill that the “Goal is to Dry Up the Supply Of Weapons Over Time“. This bill is not aimed at saving children’s lives. The purpose of this bill is to infringe on the Constitution and to be a thorn in the side of law abiding citizens and the companies that produce firearms for the civilian population. It will do nothing to “control” criminal access to gun. It will do nothing to decrease violent crime. This is a way for the ruling class to do permanent damage to our right to keep and bear arms.

What you are looking at here with this new gun control civilian disarmament bill is a way for them to slip in draconian gun control measures and to disarm the American people. It wont take guns away from criminals. It does not remove from society what they call “weapons that only belong on a battlefield”. No, this is not about preventing the deaths of innocent elementary school children… its about the political dogma of gun control civilian disarmament. This is the very definition of a politician talking out of both sides of their mouth. In reality it wont get one single semi-automatic rifle “off the streets” for probably the next¬† 100 years or so when these firearms can finally no longer be serviceable. But at the same time they are selling us on the idea that this must be done “for the children“.

By their very own definition for solving this problem and for protecting our children, they are not in anyway attempting to solve this problem or protect our children. By the way that they themselves have framed this debate, it will do absolutely nothing to (What President Obama himself vowed to do) “prevent similar tragedies in the future“. Its a direct attempt to infringe on the Constitution. Nothing more. Nothing less. Its a disingenuous way for them to try to reach as far as they possibly can and get as close to ending the Second Amendment as they can while doing it all in a way that they believe is the most palatable to the electorate.

Its not about the children. Its about a political end-game. Its about disarming the American people, and if they have to wait another 100+ years to see it come to fruition then they are certainly willing to do it.

  1. Civilian disarmament is today’s cause celebre for the liberals and the liberals are coming out of the woodwork to jump on the bandwagon as it is the fashionable thing to do. I don’t know what tomorrow’s popular cause will be but it will certainly entail a further erosion of our rights.

    1. I am actually kind of glad that they are finally showing their hand. They have always made the case that its not about taking guns away, but they are opening singing a different tune now.

      I think they are overplaying their hand, and it will backfire.

      1. What with facts being distorted and the outright lying and manipulation, particularly by the media (which has lost all credence with me), I believe they have lit a firestorm. Unintended consequences may bite them in a big way-deservedly so.

  2. When it comes to it Bill Clinton set the Rules of Engagement. Is the current regime going to turn D.C. into a “Green Zone”? Will the regime provide 24/7 Secret Service bodyguards to every “intellectual”, media personality, “news” editor and politician that is trying to forment civil unrest and violence? Where are they going to find “trustworthy” people to man their machine guns? Who is going to fix their toilets, pick up their trash, wash their armored limos, bow down when they amble by with their nose in the air? Our self appointed “betters” need to think long and hard about what exactly they are asking for, they might get it.

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