Huff Post Blogger Walks Into a Gun Range and Picks up an AR15…

… no, he didnt go on a shooting spree, but perhaps we should still be worried when he goes home and writes stuff like this:

Firing the AR-15 Assault Weapon Made Me Feel Invincible

So, what was it like firing the AR-15?

It made me feel very powerful. It made me feel invincible. It made me feel like I could very easily kill someone. It made me feel safe.

And, what was it like firing the Glock 9mm?

It made me feel very powerful. It made me feel invincible. It made me feel like I could very easily kill someone. It made me feel safe.

Ummmm….. perhaps if holding a gun makes you feel so mentally unstable that you begin to think about killing people then maybe you are a danger to society? I’m not a mental health expert or anything.

Secondly, After reading this from the article:

As the debate over guns became more intense in the last four weeks, I discovered myself in a number of situations discussing the subject and I realized… I don’t know enough facts on which to base a cogent opinion (….) On the other hand, guns kill people and well, lots of people are dying. Which I’m against.

… I honestly dont know if that guy is purposely trying to put out a sensationalistic anti-gun piece or if he really is just misguided and wants to be educated about the subject. Which ever it is, I would suggest – based on that last line above – that he gets his facts straight about the numbers first and foremost.

Guns are not the public health epidemic that all the gun-grabbers are trying to make it out to be. If you really are against “lots of people dying” you should probably make it a priority to turn in your automobile and then go try to mobilize a car buy-back program in your city. It will have a much bigger impact than shredding the Bill of Rights.

One other thing that I will also point out is that the feeling of safety that you had there at the end is exactly why we need guns in our society. Guns do keep people safe. Guns save far more lives each year than are taken by murderers. Guns do indeed level the playing field against criminals. Guns are the reason that a 100 pound woman can to stand up to a 250 pound rapist. Guns are the reason that an elderly person can leave the house each day and not be afraid for their life. Guns are the reason that a person with a physical disability can be the equal of any attacker that wishes to do them harm. Guns are the reason that slavery will never, ever return to this country.

Yes, God made man… but Sam Colt made then equal.

*And oh BTW, from watching you shoot that AR15 in that video of yours… I can assure you that you could not very easily kill anyone. Did you even hit any of those paper targets?

  1. There is no way I would have let him shoot from the hip like that. And when he asked to do so, I would have laughed and him and told him to GTFO.

  2. This person is living proof that they should never touch motor vehicle. A motor vehicle such as a car carries hundreds of thousands of foot-pounds of kinet energy as it travels down a road. It is able to kill kids in a playground until it runs out of gas. This invinciple person sounds like they would speed down the road at an invinciple speed and likely kill someone they crash into. Should we call drunk driving collisions assault by car?

  3. This guy needs psychiatric evaluation stat. If he has any, he should be separated from any firearms pending evaluation…..

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