1. I think we need to stop promoting Piers Moron. The gun control debate is getting his show, that nobody cared about, attention it doesn’t deserve.

    1. I’ll Ditto that. He’s gets someone from our side on his show once or twice a week now, to talk about an “assault weapon” ban, and we’re giving the show more views now than he’s probably ever had before. All the clips are pretty much the same anyway.

  2. Poor Newt. He’s accepting Piers’ premise and he’s therefore on the defensive.

    The argument isn’t about capacity or style but about force met with equal force: if the bad guys (whoever they are) have ARs with 30 round mags then the good guys should have them as well. Why do all those “crazy’ gunmen choose gun-free zones to shoot up? Because they know they won’t meet armed resistance – i.e. they won’t meet an equal force.

  3. I for one am sick and tired of this Limey law breaker who ran away from his “gun safe” country and comes over here trying to dictate to us what our Constitution should be changed to. Piece of garbage that needs to leave.

  4. I don’t think anyone heard Brits complaint about our bringing 1903 Springfield assault rifles over there in 1914; or bringing our assault rifles M1 Garand and carbines over in 1942. When they disarmed India and left it defenseless, Gandhi said it was the darkest period in British history.
    No I don’t think he should be deported, he should be extradited to stand trial for wiretapping and hacking complicity. He should champion his country giving back islands to the people the islands belong to, I am not talking about the Falklands, but the Malvinas. Then Ireland and Scotland should be given total freedom from the royal family.

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