In a Post Sandy Hook World…

Can someone please tell me how it is possible that in a post Sandy Hook World I can just walk right in the front door of my kid’s elementary school? There is nothing there to keep me out. The doors to the rest of the school are not locked. There is no measure of security what-so-ever at the main entrance of the school. The only thing there to stop me (or anyone else) from gaining access to the interior of the school by walking right in the front door is a little old lady behind a desk with a sign-in sheet.

WOW! You have got to be kidding me!

Thats not security. Thats security theater. If there was a plane hijacking and a bunch of children got killed (or adults for that matter) would we still just say that you can go get on a plane without having to go through security? How is an elementary school any different? Why are we refusing to secure our kids?

We should all be outraged and demand actual security measures be put into place at our schools. Schools are now officially targets for these psychopaths, and this is another tragedy just waiting to happen.