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Polymer ammunition cases- is it the future?

If you like folding stocks on AR15s, here’s another upper option

A day in condition yellow

Dwight Yoakam on Piers Morgan

What is an Assault Weapon?

Assault Weapon Pride

Reed Exhibitions Cancels Eastern Sports Show

Introducing the Crimson Trace Defender Series

Petzl STRIX mil-spec helmet light

Review: Laser Devices DBAL-D2

NEW!! POF-USA EFP (Enhanced Finger Placement) Drop-In Trigger System

Charter Arms: New Facility, Old World Craftsmanship

Why doesn’t anyone try to rewrite the 2nd Amendment?

Long lost Carl Sandburg poem focuses on power of the gun

Why Young Women Want AR-15s

Anti-Gun Lawmaker In VA Lost 2 Firearms Owned By State

Magazine Restrictions Don’t Prevent Violent Crime

MidwayUSA on New York’s Gun Ban Bill

The 2nd Amendment According to Senator Feinstein

Arsenal Firearms Strike One

Time to Bury the Hatchet…

SHOT2013: Looper Brands

Best Beards of SHOT

A Future of Firearms: The Changing Landscape of Guns in America

Photo of the Day (Click here for High-Res Photo)

Illustrated Kalashnikov biography: an insider’s history of AK inventor

Ultimate AK-47 Tactical Reload


SHOT Show Report Part One: Knives

Miscellaneous Items Related to Gun Grabbers

A good gun is forever, nearly

German PR executive threatens NRA with hackers