Specifics on New Yorks new Draconian Gun Laws

Draconian to say the least… New Yorks new gun laws are now official. Effective immediately. I already told you about the 7 round mag limits… Here is the rest of whats in the bill that they didnt even take the time to read. Yes, their governor evoked emergency procedures to rush the law through, and it became effective law the second his pen stopped signing.

    • Police would create a registry of assault weapons. Those New Yorkers who already own such weapons would be required to register their guns with the state. Current state law defines assault weapons as having two “military rifle” features, but the legislation reduces that specification to just one feature and makes the unsafe storage of assault weapons a misdemeanor.
    • Private sales of assault weapons to people outside the immediate family circle would be subject to a background check and online sales of assault weapons would be banned.
    • Magazines would be restricted to seven bullets, from the current 10. Current owners of higher-capacity magazines would have a year to sell them out of state. If an owner is found to have eight or more bullets in a magazine, she could face a misdemeanor charge.
    • Ammunition dealers are required to do background checks, similar to those for gun buyers, and those sales and amounts must be reported to the state.
    • The proposed measure would require that stolen guns be reported within 24 hours.
    • The measure would also enshrine a system through which mental health professionals would be required to report to officials when they believe their patients may harm themselves or others. In such cases, police would be allowed to confiscate any guns owned by a potentially dangerous patient.

Well, well, well, would you look at that… after all the hub-bub about “assault weapons”, this bill will not take a single “assault weapon” off the streets. They will only need to be registered with the state.

So explain to me how this makes everyone safer? If “assault weapons” are the root of all evil, if “assault weapons” caused Sandy Hook, then how does this bill change anything? It doesnt. This is nothing more than the exploitation of a tragedy to achieve a political end. New Yorkers, weep for your state. Then move away as quickly as you can.


  1. It will take them off the streets, it will just take time. The registry is the first step towards confiscation or forced out of state sale, Cuomo would be happy with either.

  2. So saying the wrong thing to some “mental health professional” (you’d be surprised how easily things you say can be twisted) or having a disagreement with some quack you went to for help (such as a marriage counselor), will now result in warrantless searches and warrantless seizures of your property. Wow. You’re not talking to a “mental health professional” anymore, these people are now de-facto state agents, who are pushed to “err on the side of caution” which means exaggerate anything and everything (and if you dare have a disagreement with them, they may do this out of pure spite, but hey, “professionals” would NEEEEVER do such a thing), tattle to the cops to cover their own asses, or to make a point of dominance over you, resulting in the swat team bashing into your home and robbing you, FOR THE CHILDREN of course. Never mind, we’ve lost too much liberty and privacy to even START listing it. Fuck New York.

  3. Well, you northeasterners sure got what you paid for. The groundwork for this was laid when you allowed registration. It’s your representatives, your governor, your vote. You paid for it, choke on it. Hope your liberty was worth all the bennies from big brother.

    1. BUt for the grace of God so goes us… I’m sorry CJ, but we cant take that approach. This kind of stuff must be stuffed out allover the country, no matter where it is. We can not embolden any of our Dear Leaders to think that this stuff will stand anywhere in the US of A.

    2. These gun grabbers are smooth. Had Obama on Wednesday flaunted a total nationwide ban on black rifles, blood would begin to flow in the streets. However, doing it one state at a time…all gun owners are saying “doesn’t affect me so, I don’t need to react.”
      Military, police and gun owners can stand united and frag the few politicians and their handlers or we the blood of millions of military, police and gun owners will flow like swollen rivers in springtime.

    3. Plenty of people in New York who vote Republican. We get drowned out by the welfare vote in the big city. I didn’t pay for anything! You choke on it to fella, Obama’s your Prez to…

  4. dont lump us all together,there are alot of rational people stuck in this state.the people that voted for these officials wanted this to happen for some strange reason.i sure in the hell didn’t vote for this.

    1. I need concealed carry reciprocity. Plus the usual. Job and the rest to leave NY. I’ve had it with the high taxes and the low quality of life.

      But we must pass CC reciprocity. It failed by one vote in the Senate. We must forge a compromise on this so we can be allowed to travel without fear of arrest and prosecution.

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