New York to Limit guns to 7 Rounds

Sources have told the Associated Press that the state legislature is going to pass a “comprehensive gun control civilian disarmament bill… and its pretty much a “done deal“.

The new bill will “further restrict New York’s ban on assault weapons and limit the size of magazines to seven bullets, rather than the current 10. Other elements, pushed by Republicans, would refine a mental health law that allows for civil confinement of people determined to be a threat to others.

Did you catch that? 7 bullets. That will effectively neuter pretty much every standard semi-auto out there… at least until the market can start producing 7 round capacity magazines. If they decide to even bother. This is slimy. If every single person on the planet can not see that this is not about the lives lost at Sandy Hook then they just dont want to see it. Civilian disarmament, indeed.

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UPDATE: This has already made it past their Republican controlled Senate.

  1. Why should the market make 7 round clips. See how that works out for New York.state legislature. Bet they would hear about that pretty quick.

  2. If you don’t know the difference between a clip and a magazine, you should just shut the fuck up. Seriously. It’s as bad, if not worse, as using the verb “assault” as an adjective to describe an object. The REAL problem in America is our saturation of stupid fucking morons that can give you the run down on fuckin’ Snooki and Justin Beiber, yet are “deer in headlights” if you ask them about the relationship between The Federalist Papers and The US Constitution…Or naming 3 out of 50 State Capitals, etc.. The “dumbing down” is in FULL SWING.

  3. So this applies to newly manufactured mags right? They don’t expect everyone to come to the local police station and drop off the thirties they have for their ugly black rifles? I don’t live in that horrible state fortunately, but how do they expect this to have any effect at all? I have some thirties that are older than me (I’m 47). There must be millions in NY state already.

  4. When Gov. Coumo starts ordering people killed to enforce his agenda, the ONLY way he can get full submission, does he not think some of his victims will not take it personally? How many will he have murdered before someone decides that since they are going to die anyway they may as well take him with them? If he is really that stupid it doesn’t say good things about the New York voters who elected him.

    1. It’s happened already. In NY they do not prosecute crimes. They give their friends a slap on the wrist and then let them out again to prey on the rest of us.

      They don’t get their hands dirty. Ever.

  5. Will this law allow plastic manufacturers to mold blocks to be placed between the spring and the base plate to “fill up” current magazines to only allow them to hold the legal 7 rounds?

  6. Two ways this can go. Military, cops and other gun owners stand united and frag the maggot puke politicians and other gun grabbing rat bastards hiding in the shadows or,… the blood of military, cops and other gun owners will gush through the streets like a swollen river in spring time.

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