Hey, how bout one of them Chiappa 3-barrel shotguns in a freaky-deaky camo pattern?

Chiappa Firearms Triple Crown 3 barreled Shotgun

Apparently the new Chiappa Triple Crown 3-barrel shotgun will be available in KLOAK Cryptic Camo.

Genesis Pattern Technologies LLC, today announces the new Triple Crown patented tri-barrel shotgun from Chiappa Firearms will be available with KLOAK Cryptic Camouflage 3D patterns such as KonBat Desert, KonBat Canyon and StrutKon Spring.

“Offering the Triple Crown tri-barrel shotgun in KLOAK’s revolutionary camouflage patterns was an easy decision,” said Steve Regan, CEO of Genesis Pattern Technologies. “It’s awesome to see innovative products working hand-in-hand for the benefit of the sportsman.”