Rob Pincus: What will I do when the line is crossed? You asked the wrong question.

This article is being syndicated with permission and in its entirety from Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training


Many people are asking “Where do you Draw the Line?” or “What will you do when…

Unfortunately, many of the gun owners I am seeing opine on the Internet are reminding me a lot  of the people that the same conservative gun owners were condemning just a few short months ago. Remember those people who were saying that they were going to Riot and commit acts of Violence if Obama wasn’t re-elected? Remember the way that the conservative community condemned them? Remember how their behavior was derided as uncivil and their hyperbole and extremism was mocked? Let’s make sure that we’re not following that path.

If you ask me, the line was crossed a long time ago. I decided in the 90′s that I was going to dedicate myself to educating people about the responsible use of firearms. That I was going to work to keep anyone in the industry from tolerating encroachment of our rights (including any indication of shying away from the primary firearms purpose: DEFENSE). That I was going to seek out conversations with those whom I didn’t agree with and try to find civil ways to get them to understand why “guns” aren’t the problem. And, I’ve been busy.

What have you been doing since those lines have been crossed? What have you been doing to ensure that the line doesn’t creep any further? Are you posturing on our side of the street and thumping your chest daring your enemies to cross more and more lines and backing further and further into a corner? OR, or you walking over towards their side of the street, hand extended, with nothing to hide and a sincere interest in fixing the problem, clearing up the misunderstanding, educating the ignorant and, only in the worst case scenario, being prepared to fight more assertively?

Write your congressmen, sign petitions, click LIKE and SHARE… but, you also need to get out there in your cities, towns & counties and try to change minds. You need to educate people who don’t understand. You need to try to do something every day to push the line BACK.

What will I do when the line is crossed? Look at what I’ve been doing since 1994.


  1. Rob should never condemn Americans for dtanding up for the Bill of Rights! Yes, we will shoot tyrants if necessary and will fight and resist. I’ve found Rob to be way too liberal. He’s a disappointment

  2. Rob is naïve to say the least. U can’t reason with liberals and tyrants. Rob is also the one, along with James Yeager, who are against open carry. Well Rob and James, fortunately for us, u don’t have a say in that. By the way, Washington and Jefferson open carried.

  3. We can’t wait much longer people. Too long and it can’t happen because the jackbooted thugs will be deployed to qucikly.

    Remember thought Twitter is a great tool to mobilize people in all 50 states and DC, far faster than the bad guys could meet the tyrants army..and remember so of the good guys will be siphoned off from their group!

    If it has to happen–the tools are out there to make it work!

    But remember this–no matter what, it won’t be prettty.

    The question is whether or not American are willing to die as well as kill for freedom. Because we will die, many of us, if we deploy.

    But then I remember the famous words from Gen. George S Patton!

    As an after thought:
    Wouldn’t it be great though if the Pentagon cleaned house though for us. Not likely though!

  4. I have great respect for Mr. Pincus. I hope he used the word ‘Defense’ not just in terms of home defense but in terms of homeland defense – the original purpose of 2nd Amendment. I am a Christian 100% legal immigrant from a Muslim country. I often heard muslims debate how they are going to take over the world by taking over the west, which can’t be done without first taking over its back bone – the USA. In this debate it always was mentioned, it will not be easy because every American has at least a hunting gun. I hope everyone here understands this, I just looked at another email forward today that mentioned how bad China wants this UN small arms treaty to pass so American public becomes unarmed and defenseless. In case of war or WW3 – China’d have big enough challenge fighting our military they don’t want added challenge with an armed American Public. For this reason I think the constitution is worth giving and taking lives for – that is what the fore- fathers did.

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