CNN’s Don Lemon May Also Have Broken Colorado Gun Laws

CNN's Don Lemon
CNN’s Don Lemon

From the same Patriot Perspective blog that broke the news about NBC’s David Gregory violating DC Gun Law, Don Lemon may have very well broke the law when he purchased his AR15. He claims that he bought it in the state of Colorado. Scroll down to Update 4-5.

If he still lives in Atlanta, Georgia where his bio says he’s based, then he violated Colorado gun laws.

Even if he’d just moved to Colorado, says you have to reside in the state for 90 days to have residency (unless you own or operate a business or are employed in Colorado, which probably doesn’t apply if you live and work in Georgia).  So he may be violating the law by buying a gun when he’s ineligible, even if he just moved to Colorado and got a driver’s license.

Once again, if this is the case then they need to throw the book at him as they should with David Gregory… if for nothing more than the integrity of this entire debate about gun control, but more so for the integrity of law enforcement and the rule of law everywhere.

  1. Why would it be illegal for him to buy a rifle in CO? Federal law only requires that pistols be bought in your state of residence. You can legally buy a long gun out of state, as long as it conforms to the laws in your home state.

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