Red Dot Tactical-Derp Actually Turns out to be Pretty Useful

Alternate Headline: How many cheap optics can you hang on an AR?

So, I was gonna take a picture of the AR with both a 3×9 scope and a red dot on it just for the comedic value of it all… but as I was mounting it all up I began to wonder if it would actually work out as an effective magnifier for the red dot.

Tactical Derp

Wouldnt you know it… as it turns out it actually does work as a magnifier. I have not had this to the range yet to see actual point of impact at different magnifications, but just playing around with it at home its spot on. With the added benefit of that el cheapo Simmons 3×9 now being an “illuminated reticule”:

Tactical Derp

Another application here is that you can use this setup as a simple and easy way to check the zero of theĀ  3×9 scope.

Now if I can just get a flip to the side mount for that 3×9…. HA!

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