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Custom Combat HK USP40 For Sale

Moron of the Day Alert!

Vuurwapen Blog Is No Longer About Guns

Will New Smith & Wesson Pistols Continue Sales Momentum?

AR15NEWS Weekly Photo and Build Details

Tiger McKee & The Book of Two Guns

Need A Firearm Related Storefront?

Tips for Vehicle Carry

Fast And Furious Criminal Charges Pending

NY: Two Gun Show Operators Agree To Close “Loophole.”

SAS Sniper Wins Appeal For Gun Possession

The Musings of a Vegetarian Deer Hunter…

Case of the Big Can

Mystery Gun From South America

Send It!

BCS on the Range

Corpsman Assault System

Transition to Tactical: Burris AR-332

12 Gauge Darts

World’s First Preview of the ASR (Aero Survival Rifle)

CRKT Otanashi noh Ken

Custom Mag Plates

A Question for Women’s Shooting Event Leaders

Airguns: My secret weapon against pesky critters

Modern Musket

A Quick Look at the Smith & Wesson Model 29-2 8-3/8″ barrel, .44 Magnum

Center Balanced Systems: Ergonomic Rifle Chassis

Gun grab talk on facebook some thoughts.

Gender and Weapon Selection

Looking At Ammo Preferences Among Competition Shooters

UZI Pro photo

Tango Down Rail mounted front sight prototype

The Tools of Mexico’s Drug Cartels, From Landmines to Monster Trucks

Walther Arms Inc. To Locate US Plant In Fort Smith, Arkansas

Richard Fitzpatrick, Founder Of Magpul Industries, Goes On Record About The PMAG Gen3.

Windham Weaponry Factory Tour

Hornady XTP 124 GR Reloading Data 9mm

First Look: S&W M&P C.O.R.E.