Holster Meme Time?

In which I post a picture of the very same paddle holster as Ebbs and proudly proclaim that yes, I wear one too!

And you know what? It works just fine.

Ebbs has a nice post up about buying cheap that you should go check out… with the main idea being that if you have to buy cheap to get into the game and get your feet wet then go ahead and do it. There aint nothing wrong with going the budget-route as long as it gets the job done… or even if its just as a “starter” piece so that you can get your feet wet and figure out what direction you really want to go with things.

And you guys can flame me all you want about that $24 Fobus holster above, but yes, it is indeed my go-to holster when I want to carry with a paddle holster. I like it. It works great under a cover garment. Its pretty light weight, it draws nicely, and without a doubt it gets the job done. I’ve never really done a formal “review” on it, but if I did it would in fact be a glowing review and I would highly recommend it. Its been great for about the year or two that I have had it… and if it were to break tomorrow I would probably go out and buy another one just like it.