Senator wants to ban Tannerite

I knew this was only a matter of time… Senator Stupid wants to ban Tannerite, not because of the countless instances of it being used in crimes (Nope. There is no empirical or even anecdotal evidence to support that), but because its scary or something.

“You can take it and, just like anything else, when somebody is making an improvised explosive device, you can take it out of its original intended purpose and you can make something criminal out of it,” he said.

“That explosion, yeah, if this doesn’t scare ya, you’re not breathing,” said Merritt.

And oh yeah, Reporter Dumb-ass, get a clue or at the very least ask for all the money back that you paid for that Journey-lism degree… You have no idea at all about what Tannerite is and why it is so easily available and unregulated. Mo-Ron.

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