Another Ammo Shortage is Coming

Alternate Headline: I suggest you do the same…

Ammo Shortage

Yes, another ammo shortage is coming our way and I guarantee prices will be going up… especially on that ammo that “only belongs on a battlefield” or something.

I just got back from stocking up and it was shoulder to shoulder and everybody was buying up everything that they could get their hands on. What you see pictured above was a small purchase comparatively. When I grabbed the .223 Remington the guy right next to me told me that he was about to grab all of it until I took it from him. The box of Hornady 5.56 in the background was only had because some other guy just happened to put it back down… I picked it up as soon as his hand left it.

On another note… it just got a whole lot more expensive to run this here gun blog, so if any of you ammo companies/retailers out there reading this would like to work up a sponsorship program please shoot me an email.