First Deer Shot With a Suppressor in Texas?

Nick shot this buck at 7:45 am on opening day… it was also with a 300 AAC Blackout, so if it wasnt the earliest with a suppressor, it probably was at least the first with a .300 AAC. Great job, Nick… But that buck is a little small to be shooting in Texas – just ribbin ya, buddy.

  1. I have mixed feelings about this. I am a total 2nd amenmdment supporter. I was raised to believe the purpose of the 2nd amenmdment was to allow the citizenry to protect themselves if a despotic regime should overtake the government. The Protect the Community from Thugs argument is specious at best but needs to be allowed to grant the overriding priority of being able to have a Well Armed Militia who can rebel if needed. This isn’t an American right, this is an overriding human right that gives justification of all people to fight against a government they feel is not in their best interest. These governments as a rule remove all weaponry from their citizenry leaving them with no option but to break the law to acquire weapons. I haven’t read the Treaty, so I cannot comment about its content, only what I feel is appropriate to put into it. Personally, I feel private sales to individuals who travel to our country should be allowed, and not of war grade weapons but its wrong for us to sell wholesale weapons to either governments or rebel forces. The lessons of this are written in history, and almost always those sales have been turned around and used against the United States forces. As much as we desire to build allies by arming one side, they always turn against us in due time. I do feel that a universal treaty is important though, and that Obama every president as a matter of fact, should be behind it. We are the strongest and appropriately so the most important backer of the United Nations which if world peace is to be found its on this direction. To attack Obama for doing this is innapropriate, just as blaming Obama for the decisions our bi cameral legislation with a 3 pronged system of checks and balances is innapropriate. He is a figure head with a veto pen, and doesn’t make the decisions be they on the budget, economy, or United Nations treaties. His only power is to stop any action that will hurt the country.

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