1. Review by DannyJ for Rating: If you’re getting this gun you prbbloay only care that its full metal, as i did. Well it is in fact, full metal. The gun has a nice weight to it, although it is at least half the size of a real colt 1911. I noticed a piece of steel reinforcement bar used in concrete inside the handle just behind the magazine, I could imagine better ways to add weight but i s’pose it works. There are no trademarks or brand names on the box or the gun, although there is an awkwardly blank silver circle as seen on the picture. This gun hits hard, but the accuracy leaves some to be desired. The magazine, which doesn’t have a lock to put the bb’s in faster, is the only plastic part on this gun from what I can tell, other than the orange tip. The gun also has a non-functioning safety, and slide lock thing, as well as a non-functional hammer. All in all this gun is a great deal for a full metal gun, just don’t go competing with it.Pros: FULL METAL Nice FPS FULL METAL Nice WeightCons: Many Non-Functioning Parts Bad Accuracy No Name (although it’s an assumed CYMA gun) No Safety Cheap Mag

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