Zip .22 System

Alternate Headline: WTF?

Alternate Headline: If video games have taught me anything…

Zip .22 System

Ebbs scooped me and posted this one yesterday. Some other places now have some coverage, but thats where I read about it first.

There is a new .22 coming to market that is designed around the 10/22 magazine. Its called the Zip 22… which is basically a pistol designed to function with the magazines of the Ruger 10/22. I’m not really sure yet if this is designed around the 10/22’s action or if it is just going to use their magazines. The zip 22 is designed to be a complete modular system that can be attached to a shoulder stock or added to the rail system of a battle rifle – ala a master key shotgun.

Zip .22 System

I really like the idea of a pistol designed to use the 10/22’s magazines, but honestly I dont really understand the motivation for all of this. Nor do I have any clue about what purpose exactly a tool like this would be used for. It looks kinda cool (I guess), but the ergonomics of the pistol and the trigger design look horrendous. The whole thing just leaves me very perplexed. Price will start at $199

Their website will be launching in exactly one month so I guess until then we will have to purely speculate about this new “platform”. They have a few teaser pics up and have posted one video thus far.

  1. Wouldn’t the “BattleZip” the one with the stock added transform this from a pistol to a SBR? Or an AOW?

  2. Really? What were they smoking? Charging handles above the barrel, a .22lr attached to a battle rifle? a pistol with no Pistol grip, goes to show that if you build it any idiot will buy it…..

  3. The only useful application I can think of for this would be to load tracers in the Zip… Or 22LR shotshells to take out snakes if you use your EBR to hunt.

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