Interesting Sociological Experiment – Halloween, Baby!

We live in a pretty large subdivision in the middle of white-bread suburbia. Our subdivision has a ridiculously large number of kids so needless to say we get about a bazillion kids that come by the house for Halloween. We usually just put out a bowl of candy and put everybody on the honor system so that we can walk around with our young-ins as they trick or treat. Every year there is a grand total of zero candy left by the time we get home. Some of the older kids walk around with back packs and clean out pretty much everybody who puts a bowl of candy out.

This year I jokingly mentioned to the wife that I should put a note on the candy this time that said there was a camera watching them. It was all in jest but then I got to thinking about it and thought it would be kinda interesting to see if it stopped the “dump and run” that most of the older kids like to do on Halloween.

So thats the “before” picture you see above.  Make the page jump to see the “after” picture from this grand experiment…


Boom! Tons of candy left! (That bowl is much deeper than it looks) I also heard it through the grape vine that kids were pretty much stopped in their tracks and some even searched long and hard to try to figure out where the camera was hidden. Every other house that we visited with a bowl full of candy by the door was bone dry. The end-all, be-all of it was that once kids were given some accountability the looting pretty much stopped. We had a good chuckle over it all, and most importantly the wife had to submit a “You were right“.

  1. Simply awesome. I’ve never even bothered with a sign like some people do. I know the drill and am willing to throw my candy allotment to the wolves.

    I WILL be doing this next year!

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