Lightest Stock on the Market – MFT Battlelink Minimalist Stock

Mission First Tactical has introduced a stock for the AR that weighs in at 4oz… their new Battlelink Minimalist Stock

Here is what they had to say about it on Facebook…

Something we’ve been promising for quite some time found it’s way onto my desk today and that’s, weighing in at UNDER 4 OUNCES, the BMS or Battlelink Minimalist Stock! As you can see, we test the hell out of our gear, this was no exception, and this is just a production prototype!!! They road it so hard it cracked in half and they STILL didn’t want to give it back!! This baby is going to Retail for $59.99, Weight is under 4 ounces, One QD mount that optimizes Sling Position, and you can STILL mount your GPS with our mounting system!!!

BMS Features and Functions
• Slide-on replacement for original collapsible butt stock.
• Angled non-slip buttpad allows faster presentation, even with body armor.
• Pivoting rear accessed large and watertight storage compartment
• Customizable foam storage block with quick access tab diminishes rattle
• Quick Detach Sling mounting points (2) are positioned for optimum usage
• Upper section provides enhanced cheek weld
• Patent Pending
• Made in the USA

Send me one please.

  1. First of all, I’m not crazy ; the doctors use the term unsbatle .Secondly, I’ve got more guns than Samuel L. Jackson in Jackie Brown . I’ve got two Ruger handguns (wood handle for the week, pearl handle for the weekend), a pair of brass knuckles in the glove box, pepper spray in my back pocket, and two doberman pinchers by the name of Zeus and Apollo that live with me on my Hawaiian Island where my friend flies me around in his helicopter when I’m not driving around in my Ferarri.BOOK EM, DANO!

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