A Review from the Deal Alert Pile

I mentioned this great deal on an offset tactical flashlight mount a while back. It was $2 back when I mentioned it… its now still a pretty good buy at $3 (yeah, the price seems to fluctuate. I cant promise you can get it at that price).

Warren over at The Rootin’ Tootin’ Gun Blog picked one up and put together a nice little review. SPOILER ALERT: its a darn good product. He gave it four stars with the only reason it didnt get 5 being that it was made in China.

On a side note… A couple of you have already contacted me with feedback on the offset rapid transition sights that I mentioned a while back… $37 right now on Amazon (Price also fluctuates). When you get more time with them send me your thoughts. If I can get enough people to comment on them, I would like to do a “group review” and publish it up on the blog.