Back at it…

Sorry about the slow and half-a$$ed blogging last week. If you were not able to figure it out from the previous posts, we loaded up the “Family Truckster” (Southwest Airlines’ 737) and headed out for a week long “Vegas Vacation“. It was actually the first time I have been to Vegas, and we had a great time. We hit a bunch of different casinos (“Oh, Keno! This is easy.”), we saw the sites, took some tours, ate a lot of great food and pretty much had a great time all the way around.

I’ll be getting back into the saddle now. I dont really know how fast I will get back into full swing… We’ll have to see how¬† this whole jet-lag thing goes, but we will be returning to regularly schedule programing soon. I might also put together a few more Vegas related posts or maybe show you all some pictures if you guys are at all interested in it – or maybe even if you aren’t. lol

Exit Quote: “It’s expensive having an entourage.”