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High Speed Video: Bullet Exiting Barrel (Preview)

Heckler & Koch MP7: Not your father’s sub-machine gun

When Beloved Troops Become Bloodthirsty Mercenaries

Testing the S&W Shield

Photo of the day: this is my very favorite gun

An Open Letter to Michelle Viscusi

NEW!! Advanced Armament Corp 16″ 300 AAC Blackout Complete Upper

Umbrella Corporation Rifle Grip – Now Available

Green Beret Tactics: Tips for Shooting Prone

Chris Costa Benelli M1 setup

Weekly Gun Show Report – October 18th-25th, 2012

Ukraine Testing New Uniforms in A-TACS AU CAMO

Gun Control and the 2012 Election

Kel-Tec FailGun

Beez Combat Systems Hydration Carrier

How to Accurately Shoot at Long Ranges

Snake Hound Machine Sub-Compact CCW Holsters

Forbes Magazine highlights the resurgence of Strum, Ruger & Co.

Spyderco Navaja C147CF by Ed Schempp

Are You Playing Pocket Pistol?

Drive (and live) Defensively

Shotgun Fail Video Of The Week 10-17-12

Get ready for a new season of Friends of NRA this winter

Alternative Caliber 1911s. Do They Have any Merit?

Video: CZ – Vz.61 Skorpion Semi-Auto