Sheriff Jim says the theoretical realationship between gun companies/gun writers is bunk

Interesting read over at Sheriff Jim Wilson’s blog about the idea that gun companies give writers “special guns”… you know, that have been fine tuned at the factory to run perfect for testing so that they can give rave reviews.

He says that it doesnt happen, and gives a few anecdotal examples of guns falling apart on him at the range (Names withheld to protect the innocent). Nick Leghorn has alternate theories about gun writers being in “the tank”.

  1. Given the choice between trusting Jim, who has been in this industry longer than Nick’s been alive, I’d chose Jim. Plus the fact that he’s correct.

  2. I’ve tested some trial guns and they’ve been good. Others, not so much. Not quite the catastrophic failures that Mr. Wilson has experienced, but not all the guns I’ve tested have been at 100% reliability.

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