1. I think it is pretty clear that Hi-Point makes an inexpensive gun and that it may not be without flaws. But think about it and search the blogs and vids for reviews of the Sig938. You might as well throw those in the pot as well. And what about shooters who can’t afford something better? Should they just not shoot? (as an aside, I own a P938 that has never let me down, I don’t own a Hi-Point)

  2. Wouldn’t any polymar lower melt. If all an metal gun was in the WTC on that tragic 9/11 day, everything melted. So what’s the point. When is the last time you melted your gun. Hey, If my house caught on fire and burned down I would be a lot more concerned about losing all that then a low price pistol. Don’t play with fire, don’t play with guns.

  3. Like ive said before:”TOO EACH HIS OWN”.Please,Ive had my High Point for YRS,Ive had Baretta’s that whent bad,Glock’s malfuction,breakages and still,My HIGH POINT IS JUST AS GOOD AND IT HAS A LIFETIME GARUNTEE.How many of the high price ones can you send back too the factory after 3 yrs and they will fix it for free and send you a free magazine?BASH THEM ALL YOU WANT,i keep mine handy.I keep mine with me all the time.

    1. For Heaven’s sake, please use a spell and grammar check; every computer comes equipped with both. You may have a legitimate and valid argument but your apparent lack of basic grammatical skill makes you look like a fool, thus, nobody is inclined to take you or your argument seriously. Please remember this next time you comment. Thanks, and have a nice day.

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