Hi-Points Suck (Now its official)

Over at Gun Nuts Media, Tim set forth on an extended test to determine once and for all how Hi-Points run. Yes, its official… they suck (My words. Not his). He gives it an official rating of “poor reliability“. Here are some of the stats from their endeavor:

Total rounds fired: 2199

Total malfunctions: 1

Total stoppages: 76

Total number of cursewords expended during test: Incalculable

You can read the entire run down of the testing here.

Exit Question: why not one more round to make it an even 2,200?

  1. this is a popular theory among people who don’t own a hi-point themselves. automatic they suck. but they are very accurate, inexpensive, durable, the gun itself is extremely reliable the magazines however are sometimes inferior and thats what causes jams. you have to get a good mag that works properly and you have a great gun. i have had mine since 2003. still works great after ten years of abuse.

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