Winter Carry

Ebbs broaches the subject of winter carry over at his place today. Yes, its that time of year again. It was darn cold here yesterday (unusually) and that means that colder weather will soon be here for good.

To be honest, all I really do to get ready for winter carry is change guns. My primary carry gun during the dog days of summer is my P32. Its great for pocket carry, and its really one of the few guns out there that you will forget that you have on you. I know that some of you are going to bemoan the firepower of the pea shooter and try to get into a caliber debate, but in the real world there are sometimes when this is really all that I can carry.

Once the month or two of sweltering heat are over I start working my Glock 26 back into the mix. The Super Tuck Deluxe holster is a big help with that, but it still has its moments where I long for my little hideout gun. Once fall/winter fully settles in I can go full-time 9-mil and opt for more traditional methods for of carry.

The only other thing I want to add about winter carry is that if you dont have a few fleece cover garments in your concealed carry tool box then you are really doing yourself a disservice. Its a great cover garment option. Here in the deep south, you can pretty much get away with wearing a good warm fleece for probably 90% of the winter months. This opens you up to countless IWB/OWB options and you can pretty much pick and choose what ever your heart desires. In fact, this is what passes for my “shoot me first, tactical concealed carry vest”:

Its a great garment. Its light-weight and very breathable. It covers a full sized firearm outside the waistband with ease… even with a paddle holster. What is really great is that once even a hint of fall weather sets in, you can walk around town and no one thinks twice about what you’ve got on. Its a great discreet cover garment option.

So there you have it… thats my 2 cents for today on cold weather carry. What say you?

  1. +1 on the fleece outer garments. Here in Colorado (life at 5k feet) we typically see 40 degree temperature swings in a 24 hour period during the winter time. That means you’ll often start with the fleece garment underneath topped with a heavier coat and later in the day you’ll most likely want to shed the outer coat in favor of the fleece under/outer.

    The stouter fleece materials like the Columbia fleece you’ve got pictured are awesome because they won’t print and eliminate any sharp outer edges while OWB carrying. Soft shell fleece jackets are even better for concealment because they’re a bit more rigid but provide great protection from wind (or humid cold like you guys get) and still garner warmth desired.

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