The Militarization of the Police

RTB is reporting on a story out of San Bernito where the po-leece are upgrading to AR15s Modern Sporting Rifles Patrol Rifles. You will be relieved to know that officers are getting a grand total of 8 hours of training before being issued these “weapons that only belong on a battlefield” … or you know a neighborhood just like yours and mine. The real kicker was this quote:

“The particular bullets; assault,¬†you know from a, from a assault rifle they’re more powerful, they travel faster, they, and you can hit targets up to 300 yards you know they’re very accurate.”

Cause the police are the only ones professional enough or something. Good grief.

To answer RTB’s question on ammo selection… Yes, I do find it an odd choice, however that is a very good deer hunting round.. but with that comes over penetration. I too believe that the PDX1 would be a more ideal urban/short range round for them too issue.

  1. The militarization of the police is one of the worst things to happen to this country in recent history. Its appalling.

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