BLEG: Everyday Carry Light

Yeah, I mentioned this on the social media nets yesterday… I am currently looking to for a EDC light to put on my Christmas list this year and would like some input. Right now I am leaning towards the Streamlight ProTac 1L. Its about the size/price that I want and it gives 110 lumens.

What else is out there that I should look at and why?

  1. I usually carry a Fenix PD-22. Higher max output, but has 4 different brightness settings, 90% of the time I use the lowest one. The side button is a little different but it turns on to whichever setting you last used so it doesn’t bother me, also has SOS and strobe. 5.11 makes a couple decent lights too.

  2. +1 for the Streamlight ProTac 1L. I heard Tom Gresham talking about liking his and I picked one up for $35 at Amazon. I have a lot of Surefire flashlights and always wanted an E1B, but for the price, I’d rather have more Streamlight ProTac 1Ls. It’s compact, bright and always in my jacket pocket.

  3. I carry 3 lights with me every day.
    Two (Sure Fire E1B Backup and Stream light TLR-1 for my Sig P-229) are in my Maxpedition versipack bag and one (Sure Fire M3 Combat Light -older style) is in my Maxpedition AGGRESSOR TACTICAL ATTACHE (for my laptop). I carry my Versipack everywhere, and it is set up with all my personal items – cellphone, SOG knife, leather man, latex gloves, CPR Mask, writing instruments, pistol and extra mag, wallet w/ID and cards, keys, extra batteries, notepad, some medical documents (I am disabled with chronic health issues), meds, checkbook, water bottle, cell charger, I-pad, MP-3 player and ear pieces. flashlight (of course),
    This set up works great for me and my SF backup is the perfect little powerful light for anything.

  4. Don’t ignore 4sevens lights. You’d pay ~$20 more than that Streamlight for one, but you could get a lot less for a lot more. I carry a Quark 123(2) “Tactical” on my belt daily. (Tactical refers to the user interface. The light has 8 modes; you pick your 2 most useful and set those for quick access. My choices are a strobe that you can almost see from the other side of a brick wall and a very handy medium.)

    It’s as good as pretty much anything else out there at a similar size and price. I don’t have the cash to try every product that comes along, so I can’t say that it is IMO better than X, Y, and Z, but it’s an excellent little light. I can say that the 4sevens Quark line has saved at least 1 life. An eyeful of strobe in the middle of the night convinced an armed drunk to be on his way instead of continuing at me shouting death threats. That guy probably has no idea how close he was to being drawn upon. I got my light for normal day-to-day use, but it definitely proved its worth in a dangerous situation.

  5. I like pocket clips at the head end. I keep the flashlight in my left rear pocket. Grab the head between your picky and palm, and the switch falls under your thumb.

    I have carried a Streamlight TL-2 LED, and now carry an Insight HX150. The Insight has a strobe feature and a dimmer (In case I’m just looking for something under the couch). Dillion Precision sells the HX150 for under $100, but I’ve seen them priced at $50.

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