The Most Adorable Gunnie Thing You’re Ever Gonna see

This is Ebbs’ 6 year old daughter doing her first gun review…

Today she was practicing with her Thompson Center Hot Shot .22 rifle and helping me with the review when she decided she wanted to give it a shot all by herself.

So, with the other cameras rolling I pulled out the iPhone and let her rip with just a little coaching beforehand. The video below is completely unedited and straight from my phone. I really hope you can sense her excitement while shooting. I literally had to pry it out of her hands and agree to let her shoot the AK Krink pistol before she’d let me take it!

  1. I get the same reaction when my 12 year old daughter uses her Remington 597 with a 30 round banana clip on it and scope. She loves that rifle.

      1. Elia Perez Posted on Kim thank you! Lupus is not the end of the world. I fight and challenge mylsef daily. Sometimes to the point of exhaustion, but I NEED to squeeze everything I can out of my days! I have always been like that. To my family it is more significant now the cotributions I make to our family. Stay strong Sis!

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      1. That car promotion is a bit too close to my town for cfomort. I admit I grew up without firearms in the house and am not at all cfomortable with the idea, but an AK-47 is beyond anyone’s needs. If they need the blast of shooting one, go to a shooting range.I will be needing to buy a new car next year, I just want reliable transportation and good gas mileage. At my age I will be switching to an automatic transmission and cruise control would be nice. AC goes without saying, but no gun rack.Betsy, have a good time at the party.

    1. Ron Paul is the broken clock ciaanddte; right on one or two things but bat-poop crazy wrong on everything else. Why anyone thinks he’s an acceptable ciaanddte is beyond me. The only thing I can guess as to why people like him is he’s the guilt free ciaanddte to support, not due to his positions but due to the fact he’ll never win. Supporting him means always being able to say, It’s not my fault, I voted for the other guy.

  2. You want to child proof your home, teach your kids at an early age to handle, fire and respect firearms! A future responsible gun owner… You Go Girl!!!!!!!!

  3. Petey,please allow me to correct you on sevarel things-GUN REGULATION IN OTHER COUNTRIES AND IT’S AFFECT ON CRIME:Many of the countries with the strictest gun control have the highest rates of violent crime.Australia and England, which have virtually banned gun ownership, have the highest rates of robbery, sexual assault, and assault with force of the top 17 industrialized countries. Source-Dutch Ministry of Justice, Criminal Victimization in Seventeen Industrialized Countries, 2001.Countries with the strictest gun-control laws also tended to have the highesthomicide rates. Source:“Violence, Guns and Drugs: A Cross-Country Analysis”, Jeffery A. Miron, Department of Economics, Boston University.Ironically,firearm use in crimes has doubled in the decade since handguns werebanned in the UK. Source: “Weapons sell for just a350 as suspects and victims grow ever younger”, The Times, August 24, 2007.SECOND AMENDMENT, MILITIAS, AND THE NATIONAL GUARD ARGUMENT:The Dick Act of 1903 designated the National Guard as the organized militia and thatall other citizens were the unorganized militia – thus the National Guard is only part of the militia, and the whole militia is composed of the population at large. Before 1903, the National Guard had no federal definition as part of the militia at all.From U.S. v. Emerson, 5th court of Appeals decision, November 2, 2001, No. 99-10331:“We have found no historical evidence that the Second Amendment was intended toconvey militia power to the states, limit the federal government’s power to maintain a standing army, or applies only to members of a select militia while on active duty. All of the evidence indicates that the Second Amendment, like other parts of the Bill of Rights, applies to and protects individual Americans. “The plain meaning of the right of the people to keep arms is that it is an individual, rather than a collective, right and is not limited to keeping arms while engaged in active military service or as a member of a select militia such as the National Guard ” ASSAULT WEAPONS AND MISCONCEPTIONS (FUELED BY OUTRIGHT LIES FROM THE MEDIA):Petey, please tell us what the difference is between your rifle and an assault rifle “Assault weapon” is an invented term. In the firearm lexicon, there is no such thing as an“assault weapon”. The closest relative is the “assault rifle”, which is a machine gun or“select fire” rifle that fires rifle cartridges. In most cases, “assault weapons” arefunctionally identical to hunting rifles, though cosmetically similar to military guns. assault rifles capable of select fire (full auto) are legal to own but highly regulated and very expensive.Even weapons misclassified as “assault weapons” (common in the former Federal andCalifornia assault weapons confiscations) are used in less than 1% of all homicides. Source: FBI Uniform Crime Statistics, 1993In 1994, before the Federal assault weapons ban , you were eleven (11) times morelikely to be beaten to death than to be killed by an “assault weapon”. In the first year since the ban was lifted, murders declined 3.6%, and violent crime 1.7%. Source: FBI Uniform Crime Statistics, Preliminary Summary, 2004Petey, I can go on and on presenting fact after fact on why gun control and regulation of assault weapons is a failed concept. Petey, ask around, someone you know owns an assault rifle , I’m sure. Maybe they’ll let you shoot it and explain how it operates. Then you’ll understand it poses no more threat to anyone or anything than a bolt action rifle you can buy at walmart.One more thing- The Second Amendment doesn’t have a damn thing to do with hunting. It’s about defending one’s self, one’s family, and preserving freedom in this great nation.

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