Controversial Things That Shouldn’t be (Controversial)

As I mentioned the other day, Rob Pincus took Khloe Kardashian shooting…

Gasp! How controversial… but its not. Well, apparently it turned into a pretty major ordeal over on the Facebooks. Which it most certainly shouldn’t have been.

In a guest post over at Monderno, Rob tells us why it was not only a big swing and a miss for the gun community, but why it actually ended up doing more harm than good.

BUT, that does’t change the fact that she influences a huge number of people. I think her Facebook page has more “likes” than all the firearms instructors and competitive shooters combined… probably multiplied by 6.

The fact is that, for all the TALK about expanding the ranks of gun owners and reaching younger people & more females, the kind of ignorant responses that some have offered aren’t going to encourage a twenty-something year old girl who happens to follow the Kardashians or Justin Bieber or who will vote for Obama to come to a shooting range and give it a try. In fact, some of the comments might downright chase them away from even being open to trying shooting or wanting to be part of the ‘gun community’.

Rob Pincus = The Truth!

Go read the whole thing… here