Shooting Range/Bar is in the Works in Georgia

Well… my knee jerk reaction is that this is the stupidest idea ever in the history of planet earth. (Hat Tip: The Mellow Jihadi)No, alcohol and firearms do not mix… and serving alcohol at a shooting range is technically a horrible idea. The other side of the coin is that it all comes down to personal responsibility. Heck, serving alcohol to someone with car keys in their pocket and/or at a location that has a parking lot full of cars outside is far more dangerous than having a full bar at a location that also has a shooting range. There is also nothing to stop people from showing up at any range with a flask in their pocket and drinking-up while they are shooting. Nothing at all. My point is… You cant prevent stupidity, and the proximity of two activities has no direct correlation to people actually engaging in those two activities. I wouldn’t drink a drop if I ever went shooting at that range.

Ok, now on to the meat and potatoes… I have a couple of problems with the “journalistic integrity” of the article that is “reporting” this news

Georgia law does not generally require conceal and carry permits.

Wow. That might be one of the most ignorant/misleading statement I have ever read in a gun related news article. “Generally”? What exactly does that mean in legal terms? Either they have a law that requires carry permits or they dont. Yes, Georgia does require you to have a permit to carry concealed… And oh BTW, that has no bearing what-so-ever on people having guns at a shooting range. Therefore its 100% not pertinent to this story. Geez.

However, some residents are skeptical, especially with a housing subdivision being built just 100 yards from the new range.

“I mean, that’s just stupid,” Traci Hart, mother of three, told the station. “We don’t need drunk people running around in and out of the neighborhood.”

Wow. So alcohol is otherwise banned within 100 yards of your neighborhood? Once again, Not pertinent to the story.

There’s a bit of relief for those opposed to the idea and a potential letdown for anyone planning to put a new spin on the shot glass.

Brown sent WSB-TV a statement clarifying that once someone has ordered a drink in the lounge, they will not be permitted to enter the firing range:

“Customers will have to order a drink with their identification card and once the card is accepted, and flagged, they cannot be checked back into the range that day,” the statement reads.

Oh, so in reality there is absolutely nothing to worry about at all because the owners put safeguards into place and essentially created two separate facilities. Way to bury that very useful piece of information at the end of the article. And the “reporter” also conveniently left out the fact that guns will not be allowed inside the lounge… So explain to me exactly how people are gonna get shot by the drunks??? Nope there is no agenda or prejudice at all in that there sensationalistic little article. Good Grief!

I’m sorry, but there is just no there, there. I hope that shooting range is very successful. My belief is that the bar wont do very much business at all. Shooters dont want to drink when they go shooting. Perhaps the bar will become a hangout for when shooting buddies want to get together on days when they dont go shooting, but I would think that if you are gonna get together at a shooting range with your buddies then why not just make it a shooting trip instead of a drinking trip. IMO they would probably make a lot more money if they opened a really good restaurant instead of a bar… or just serve burgers and hot dogs. Lunch after a trip to the range will probably get ya a lot more business.

  1. Funny, your thought process here pretty much mirrors mine when I found this article last night. Tells you something about how it was written. Intentionally gets you thinking “drunks shooting guns” before giving some very bad legal advice and worthless “think-of-the-children” opinions. Finally, near the end the truth is actually told, and it’s not as ludicrously stupid as it appears to anyone who only read the headline/first few lines.

    I like the idea of having a good restaurant in there…

  2. I can not wait. This place is going to be 30 mins down the road from me. I am not sure how much money they are going to make off the alcohol, I know when I carry I don’t drink, but as a place to hang out and be social, I am sure it is going to be a hit.

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