Follow up

The other day I mentioned this in a “deal alert” post… $25 on Amazon.

About 20 of you picked up a set, so shoot me an email and give me some feedback when you get them in and put them through their paces. I have not ordered any (yet), but I’d really like to know what the verdict is from you guys.

*Well, would you look at that… me asking you guys to review a product. Who would have thunk it. heh.

*Hmmmm…. product review by committee. Maybe this will end up to be a nice little blog post.

    1. I’m sure they are out there. I dont really know what direction to point you in though. You could go with an offset mount and use a red dot sight… Just mount it all on the left side. That would pretty much do the same thing for ya.

  1. I purchased a set two months ago for three gun matches. I was unsure if I would like them so, I ordered the cheaper made in China version. I shot a match with them two weeks ago and they work just fine and I like the concept. I feel a little guilty buying the knock off set instead of the real thing.

    1. I zeroed them at 25 yards and beyond 50 yards I use my 1.5 – 6 Burris MTAC scope. It took me a little practice to line up the sights when tipped. It was not a natural as using the A2 sight mounted vertically but after firing about 20 rounds of tip and fire single shot drills I got the hang of it.

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