Kel-Tec Fact vs Fiction

Kel-Tec posted this up on their Facebook page yesterday afternoon to help clear a few things up…

OK FOLKS…HERE IT IS: KEL-TEC Fact Versus Rumor!!
1. Will Kel-Tec produce an SU-300?
Yes, there is a .300BLK version of the
SU-16 that is in the works. It won’t be produced in large quantities, but will certainly be produced. For those that aren’t familiar with the .300 Blackout, check it out, it’s a pretty awesome round.

2. How many KSG’s are manufactured per month..estimated. Answer:

3. Is Kel-Tec building the RMR-30?
Yes, it is scheduled for a year’s end release, however in the past we’ve missed our deadline by a few months, so
I’d set a window for shipping at end of Q4-beginning of Q1.

4. Any plans for a Kel-Tec 45ACP?
This has been discussed in the past. As of right now we have no plans of making a .45ACP weapon.

5. What has Kel-Tec done in the last year to increase production?
We’ve purchased an additional 30,000 sq-ft facility, 6 new CNC machines, have employed an additional 20% of employees, and have under taken ISO9001
manufacturing standards, of which we are at the tail end of the internal restructuring. This internal change has affected shipped units, however in the long run it will mean higher production as well as even higher quality.

6. Is making guns at Kel-Tec a sideline business?
Absolutely not. Kel-Tec has always been a producer of firearms. It is our primary focus and will continue to be for the life of the company.

7. Is Kel-Tec removing the P32 from its line-up?
No. The .32 caliber has taken a backseat to the .380 version, but it has not been removed from the
line-up. It is true we are producing less of them currently.

8. Will Kel-Tec be making a Revolver?
No. We currently have no interest in
entering the revolver market. We’ll let the expert revolver makers continue to do what they do best.

9. What percentage of Kel-Tec parts are made in the USA? Answer
All research, design, assembly and proprietary parts are made 100% in the USA. It would be hard to say 100% of the weapon is made in the US since we do purchase
universal standard parts (screws, fasteners, etc), that although are purchased through a US vendor, may possibly have been made elsewhere, we’ve never actually asked. The magazine bodies for our pistol lines (with the
exception of the PMR-30) are produced in Italy by Mec-Gar. We consider this independent of the actual firearm, though.

10. What role did Kel-Tec play in developing Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit?
That’s a new one to us, haha. We wouldn’t mind having a few of those suits,
if anyone has any contacts…