IO Cover – Bikini Cover Replacement for Micro Optics

Brilliant new product coming down the pike for Aimpoint Micro Optics. Its an easy one handed opening double lens covers for the Aimpoint… and possibly other micro optics (Not sure). Make that thing in FDE and you’ve got a winner. Video at the link.

Exit Question: Can I get one for my Bushnell TRS-25?

  1. Hey thanks for covering my little Kickstarter project! The response has been incredible so far! As for your questions, yes we will offer it in FDE. The white color is just for the prototype so it shows up well on camera and is easy to mark up for modifications. And unfortunately, optics from Bushnell and others have slightly different geometry and very different control layouts, so it won’t fit in it’s current state. If we can get this version (Aimpoint Micro) off the ground, we can definitely explore variants for other popular optics!

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