The First Problem Free KSG in the History of the Internets

Stop the presses! Four Guys Pizza Guns has finalized their review of the Kel-Tec KSG and shockingly it was trouble free through 2,000 rounds.

They point out one thing they find fault with… that you have to learn to run the gun by adopting a unique skill set for that particular gun. And also that you have to learn (and remember) to always run the gun hard each and every time. Something that they believe contributes to the many failures seen around the internets.

  1. Failure to feed – The action slides all the way back on every shotgun, a shell pops out of the magazine and is then fed into the chamber when the action goes forward. If you treat the KSG like you are on a first date, going slow and gentle, taking it easy and hoping you don’t break it, it will not feed a round.
    Solution to problem – Welcome to Shotgun 101, It’s not fragile, throw it around, it isn’t going to break. Pull the action back lightly and you end up with no shell loading. Treat it like a shotgun and put some muscle behind it and this will literally never happen again. When you slide the pump action back, the last 1/4 inch needs a little more oomph to eject the shell. Three of us had this issue, realized why we had this issue and never had it happen again.
  2. Jamming – This gun has the ability to jam every time you fire it, I mean that with all my heart. I can get 100% of the rounds put through this to look like they have an ejection issue causing a malfunction.
    Solution to problem – Don’t cover up the ejection port = No issues with ejection. The ejection port is right above where your elbow sits, so if you cover up the ejection port the gun will jam. You can try this with some dummy rounds on your favorite shotgun. I promise you, you can cover the ejection port with your hand, foot or anything you want to use in the privacy of your own home and replicate the same issue with every shotgun.

IMHO, those two things are deal breakers for me personally. I really would not want a defensive/CQB shotgun that I need to manhandle it order for it to function properly. In addition to that, there have already been a few documented cases where the plastic forend rail (which most people put a vertical grip on) has ripped off because people were manhandling the weapon.

Is it a good gun? Probably. Is it a good enough? IMHO, no.