More on the OCAT System (Optical Computer-Aided Training System)

I mentioned the OCAT System (Optical Computer-Aided Training System) last week on the blog. Jim Cline, the VP of Outwest Systems and one of the developers, stopped by the blog and left a comment in the comment section to help clear up some of my misconceptions of the system.

Yes, I didn’t really speak too highly of this new training system. Granted, I have never personally used the system before and I dont necessarily think that it is a bad product… but their press release and marketing video didn’t really leave me feeling like this was a “must have” product.

Here is what Jim Cline had to say:

I am the Vice President of Outwest Systems, and also one of the developers of the OCAT System. I think there might be a couple of misconceptions.

Our Laser System comes with a laser that works for 9mm, .40, .45 and .223. The laser system without the laser is $295. Compared to the Laser Lyte Training which has an MSRP of $219. So we think we are affordable.

We also have a lot of features that other systems do not having including the Laser Lyte Trainer. We show each and every shot on the screen, including shots that would stack on top of teach other. We show you the order and the timing of each shot. The shots are stored so that you can view your progress over time and look for common mistakes. The system also tracks the laser trace path, so you can see where the barrel is moving after you pulled the trigger.

These are all features that we think are more that worth that extra few dollars.

We would be willing to let you try out a laser demo kit to see what you think of the OCAT System once you give it a try. Also feel free to contact me at OutWest System, I would be happy to explain more about what our system can do.

Thanks Jim. I do appreciate the input.

  1. Thanks for posting that and we are still willing to send you the laser kit so you can try it out if you want to. We are proud of what we have done, and so far everyone who has tried it has become a believer.

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