Misleading Blog Headline of the Day

… and from Andrew of all places.

Why I Don’t Care if Military or Police Use Certain Items

I dont know, maybe it was just me… I did read this before I was done with my coffee, so that probably had something to do with it. I first thought it was gonna be an article about the militarization of police forces and how everything on the planet has its own SWAT team. Instead its a great article about why its not always a ringing endorsement for a product just because a military unit or police force decides to choose a particular product.

A great example of this is the Kimber SIS. When the LAPD’s “special forces” unit decided they were gonna adopt the SIS as their carry gun Kimber went full throttle with a marketing blitz about the big contract. It turns out that the SIS was a troublesome pistol, and the police unit later dumped the gun. Case in point… Dont rush out and buy something just to get your rocks off that you are an operator now too because you own product-X that is used by the Navy SEALS.

Great article, Andrew.

  1. I agree with your post, however my every day carry is the Kimber Ultra Carry II. I love it, have never had any problems. The most accurate 3″ .45ACP I have ever fired.

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