Selling a Gun 101

The NSSF has put together the following video entitled “Retail Education”… which could have just as easily been entitled, “How not to be a dumb-ass, know it all, condescending, gun shop commando who doesnt give a flying-crap about anybody on the other side of the counter”. What? Too subtle?

The video is essentially an extremely basic, sales 101 class with an emphasis on selling guns. Some of the stuff they cover is so basic that it is almost stupid… but as we all know, every bit of this overly simplistic approach to educating gun shop sales folk is sadly needed at nearly every gun shop around the country. I applaud the NSSF for putting this out.

I have bemoaned the need to change the culture at the gun counter so much in the past that it now about makes me ill to think about writing yet another “check yourself” post on the matter. This video is incredibly basic, but it needs to be shown to each and every gun shop sales associate in every store across the country. Its an important first step in getting the culture of gun shops in line with the expectations that the customers who walk in have about the way they want to be treated.

Some of the high points include, but are not limited to:

  • Actually acknowledge the customer’s presence in the shop.
  • Listen to your customer. “If you are speaking more than 20 % of the time, you are talking too much”.
  • “Dont judge a book by its cover”.

Video after the jump:

  1. In the past, I’ve noticed counter commandos at my LGS. Some of their floor sellers were rude and condescending to gun noobs and women, even in response to good “new shooter” questions. This place does NRA classes, so instead of being rude, these guys ought to be trying to get their customers into class, especially given how overpriced their classes are. As an NRA instructor, I’ve had about 20 people come through who actually complained about the treatment they got there and said it turned them off of the place. They didn’t buy from there and they wouldn’t patronize them in the future. At their prices, that’s at least $4,000 for just the classes, plus the guns they didn’t buy, PLUS future business. They’ve since changed some things, but they’re still not the nicest people. Sad thing is, other than some big box chains, there are barely any other gun stores around here.

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