NSN – No Stock Needed

Halix has come up with a solution for SBRing a rifle/pistol without the need of the tax stamp. The devise is called NSN which stands for “No Stock Needed”. It looks amazing. Its simple, its legal, and it looks like it gets the job done wonderfully. There is also a pistol version in the works which essentially mounts a buffer tube to the rear of the pistol to make use of the same devise used on the rifle.

The NSN™ eliminates the problems with shoulder stocks It allows easier aiming with protective armor. It disconnects breathing movement from aiming. It fits all shooters; stock length of pull is no longer an issue. Firearms can be shorter, lighter, and faster handling. Polyurethane impact foam absorbs most of the recoil 5.56x45mm NATO feels like .22LR. Really. It doesn’t hurt. Follow-up shots are easier to perform. Comfortably cushions up to 7.62x51mm NATO.
MSRP is $250. They are available for pre-order right now with an expected availability date of December 1st 2012. (Video at the link)
*Send me one, please!

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