Lehigh Defense .45 ACP

Yeah, you know… This stuff:

Bruce has a great rundown on some ballistics testing that he did on the ammo… here.

As impressive as that stuff looks, I am still unsure about it. Maybe its a prejudice and I simply cant wrap my head around something new, but I just dont know if you wouldnt be better served with more traditional ammo. Expansion is definitely the most on planet earth, but as you would surmise (did I really just use that word? I hate me too) it comes at the cost of penetration. Bruce got 6.5″ to 7″ in ballistics gel from a short barrel 45. Not bad, but what happens when it hits bone? Three or four inches of penetration is not acceptable to me, and I just dont know if I would trust my life to this stuff.


The load also lists 10″ of penetration when tested in 10% ballistics gelatine.  I failed to reach that penetration with my denim and SIM-TEST testing.  This was concerning to me and Mike Cyrus at Lehigh Defense.  It just didn’t make sense that our penetration numbers would be so different.  Mike even ran another test and sent me the resulting picture of his test shot resting slightly more than 10″ into his block of ballistics gel.

I will say, however, that I would love to buy some stock in Lehigh Defense. That picture you see above is exactly how you sell defensive ammo. If they can market this stuff properly, they will sell a bunch of it just on wow-factor alone.

*Make those “Talons” half that size and you might have something. If it increases penetration of course.

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