USPSA, Little Kids, and Cartoons

For anyone who has been reading this blog regularly you will probably know that I have small kids. They are at the age now where it is a real challenge anytime I am channel surfing or scrolling through the DirecTV guide to see what is on TV. I have to be very strategic about the whole thing and I have to wade the waters very carefully and deliberately or there is a 5 minute conversation that I usually prefer to avoid…. If they even get a hint of the fact that cartoons are on there is an immediate and fierce debate that will commence on why they want to watch that particular show (they are pretty darn tenacious). With satellite (and even expanded cable, I guess) there are always cartoons on TV. So its pretty much a top priority whenever I have the remote in my hands now-a-days to do my best to steer clear.

The funny thing is that lately I have been noticing a trend… Anytime competitive shooting is on TV it has the same effect on them. They hear that “Bang, bang. Bang, bang.” and their attention is instantly refocused. They either come running from whatever they were doing in the other room, or they instantly lock their eyes on the TV and are put into a coma. They stare intently, begin to lean forward, and slowly inch closer to the TV the longer it is on that channel. Yes, to my kids, USPSA is equivalent to that whole stereotypical “TV-babysitter” thing that has become so cliche.

Ha! Gunnies in the making! :)

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