Wow! That ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ show is pretty awful, isnt it?

Here is my article that made an appearance over at last week. Enjoy!



Yes, I will admit to watching the first two episodes. I mean, its not like I planned my day around it or anything… There was just nothing else on TV. I did have high hopes, however. The production value looked really high, they were using those “evil black rifles”, and its on far left liberal shill NBC. I mean, whats not to like!

The sad truth however is that this show is just stupid bad. The production value is pretty good, and they are shooting live ammo and all, but there is just no meat on the bones to actually make it entertaining to watch. There is just no there there. It obviously has been thrown together because some TV exec in his ivory tower saw that gun shows result in good ratings and he felt that his network needed to have one too.

Its also obvious that they probably dont have a single Gunnie working for them on this project. This becomes painfully clear when you watch the ridiculously boring “missions”. To me it looks like baseball movies used to look back in the day. Back when they never really cared to make the baseball part of the movie actually look like a legitimate baseball game. The action sequences that come about from these “missions” is just flat out boring to watch… which consequently means the entire show is boring to watch.

The other thing that really bothers me about this whole “competition” is that the missions they have are so dumbed down that they create a ridiculously level playing field for all the contestants. The shining example of this is Todd Palin. When you watch the show it becomes immediately obvious that Palin is the only one in the bunch who has ever had any previous experience with firearms. Being from Alaska, and being a lifelong sportsman he has probably been pulling the trigger since he came out of the womb. He’s a shooter. However, because the game that they are playing is so flat, he doesnt have the opportunity to dominate the competition. He is miles ahead of the rest of the “stars”, but his skills give him no distinct advantage. Its sad, and it makes the show even more boring to watch.

The last thing that is really annoying about this show is the way they really try to play up the “support the troops” angle. They have had countless after-action interviews with the “stars” in which they go on and on about how doing this competition has really made it all hit home for them about what the military goes through. Its awful…. and comes across as painfully contrived. I am not saying that these “stars” dont support the troops or anything like that, but if running this little obstacle course really does make you appreciate the troops like never before then there is something seriously wrong with you.

Oh, and did I mention the way the “Stars” have zero, repeat zero reaction to the explosions that go off about 15 feet away from them. Its almost like they already ran the scene three or four times before and knew exactly when and where the explosions were gonna go off or something. Nah, that couldnt be it… we all know “reality” TV is 100% real and not in anyway staged or rehearsed. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!