I’m finally embracing the whole Zombie thing

I mentioned this on the Facebook nets the other night… apparently the gun grabbers have finally gotten wind of the entire Zombie Apocalypse thing. (Ha! Really got your finger on the pulse there, guys!)

Anyway… they are totally peeing themselves over it and are trying to use it as propaganda to show how mentally disturbed and violence obsessed we gun owners are or something. I believe its official… they are totally and completely out of ideas.

*Yeah, if this whole Zombie thing is good for screwing with the heads of those already screwy in the head anti-gunners, then I am 100% on board.

**Blogged under “Zombies” so that you anti-gunners can scroll until your little hearts are content!

  1. We got blasted by a lady in the town paper for our Zombie display:

    We Must Decree

    Bloody zombies! My,oh my!
    Practice how to make them die. Shoot them with a gun so fine they won’t have a chance to whine. After that just drop a bomb that should make those zombies calm.

    It seem like we don’t have a chance and we can only dance the dance, round and round in circles go as guns and bombs just seem to grow in numbers while we.close our eyes and hopefully beauty ‘Round us dies.

    Guns and Zombies!
    What a mix! But that is something we can fix. Main streets not where they should be that is what we must decree. Family friendly yes indeed! That is how the guidelines read.

    Historic feelings all around is what we want through sight and sound. A quiet family friendly town where it is easy to sit down. On grass or beach, In sun or shade, not thinking zombies might invade.

    No,we don’t want the zombies here. We don’t want their blood and fear. Bloody targets have to go. They don’t make a pretty show. Money isn’t everything. Now the town should shout and sing that somethings just aren’t right and so the bloody zombies have to go.

    There’s a line twixt right or wrong and we will be forever strong in standing up for what is right though we are faced with fear and fright of losing life itself

    Ruth Harrison
    LOL, we can relate

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