Before you buy that Sig P938

… You should probably go check out the saga that Bruce has been going through with the pistol. Its had two service visits back to the factory, and this last time out he still had functionality problems. Yeah, it looks like the P938 is still in full-on Beta testing mode.

The pistol is really ammo fussy at this point, but with other carry options I can afford to keep this one out of the rotation while I continue to test different loads to find out what it likes.  If you are looking for a pistol you can pull out of the box that will eat anything you feed it, you should probably look elsewhere.  After 2 trips back to the factory for service, I’m actually skeptical that it will ever be that forgiving on ammo selection.

  1. I have put 4 or 5 different ammo’s thru my gun for over 300 rounds without a hiccup. I think that based on what I see on the net, you either get a good one or a lemon

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